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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Luxuriate at the Poovar Island Resorts

Resort in Poovar
Work and normal tasks of life can squeeze all the joy of living out of you. It is impossible to escape from your mundane routine and ignore the responsibilities resting on your shoulders. So the question arises when and where should we take a break to get away from the boring routine to catch up with our tortured soul? Poovar Island Resorts will solve your dilemma as to where you should go.

Estuary Island Resort is situated in Poovar on the southern tip of Kerala. As you would probably know, Poovar is situated in Thiruvananthapuram. You also would be familiar with the fact that Kerala is famed for its magnificent beaches, and a backwater network that comprises tranquil lakes and rivers so why not spend time in such a magnificent location! The resort is a peaceful haven surrounded by water from all the sides which will sooth your senses. There may be a few options when you are looking for Poovar Island Resorts, but none can match up to the reputation of Estuary Island Resort. It is always good to check out a place on TripAdvisor and the same can be carried out for this captivating resort as well. You will find abundant praises given by the guests on TripAdvisor which will give you a true firsthand experience. After reading this, you will definitely be convincing yourself to experience tranquility in Poovar. Don’t worry about the pick and drop, all arrangements will be made and you will arrive at the resort in full style in a quaint cozy boat.


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