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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dining at Poovar: An exotic experience for food connoisseurs

Imagine the surreal experience of time slowing down while you watch the graceful movement of coconut groves choreographed by the breezy wind. The scenario might seem right out of a fantasy book but resorts in Poovar, Kerala make it a real life experience for tourists.  Perched on the mesmerizing island of Poovar, these inns offer an enchanting view of backwaters on one side and tidal waves hitting sandy beaches on the other.  It is this exotic locale that has made them a coveted choice by avid travellers wishing to soak in the sights and sounds of this paradise.

However, what attracts the majority of people to the resorts of Poovar is the fare of epicurean delights spread out in an extravagant manner. After a long day of meetings and sightseeing, it’s an extra advantage that these plush lodgings have a restaurant serving something beyond the stereotypedl ‘hotel restaurant’ food. They stimulate the senses with its eclectic cuisine and sophisticated bar. The eateries thrive on fresh ingredients and seasonal specialities that appeal to the inspection of eyes and the senses of smell, taste and touch. Freshest catch tossed in a pool of aromatic flavours is served amidst a contemporary decor that further enhances the experience.

Dining at Poovar resorts is magnified by the seamlessly intuitive services by the polite staff that ensures all your needs are taken care of. Special arrangements are also made for those who wish to add a personal touch to the surroundings while dining at Poovar resorts. The result is a treasurable experience with a raised gazebo, sun setting in the horizon, sparkling champagne and scrumptious food to weave in the mood for a romantic time.

So while you enjoy a comfortable stay in these resorts and get pampered by the remarkable amenities, do not forget to have a taste of amazing in-house restaurants that make dining at Poovar a much pleasurable experience.


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