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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fine Dining At Trivandrum

Fine Dining At Trivandrum is available at high-end restaurants and hotels that cater to travelers here. Trivandrum is popular for its natural beauty, spectacular beaches, and other sightseeing places. It is the capital city of Kerala and as such combine modernism and industrial development in and yet retains an old world charm and traditional setup, which draws the visitors. 

The traditional food here consists of different spices and ingredients that bring a special flavor, which overwhelms the senses. There is use of curry leaves and asafetida along with coconut and tamarind in most indigenous dishes. Resorts At Trivandrum cater to a global audience and as such offer much more than simple traditional fare. One can also order food from around the world. Therefore, people with special tastes and food requirements do not have any problems when in Trivandrum. Breakfast options range from bread and omelet to traditional favorites of this state including idli, dosa, sambar, and puttu-kadala. Those who want can order traditional banquet known as ‘Sadya’ that includes everything from rice and poppadum to fruits such as banana and dessert, ‘Paayasam’. Fine dining with you and your family may contain cuisine from anywhere in the world. This includes European, Oriental, and North Indian dishes. People come here from around India and the world but never face a problem when it comes to food choices. 

The ambience at restaurants complements the high quality of food served. Couples may order candlelight dinner with musicians playing in the background and make mealtime special indeed. Children can order fast food or anything else that suits the palate. One thing is for sure, when you are in Trivandrum, food is the last problem you are going to face.


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