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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Beach Resort in Poovar; A Picturesque Getaway

Luxury Poovar Resort
After all the hard work I put in to make my event successful, my soul longed for a lazy vacation. I was considering Rishikesh as an option as it’s close to Delhi but my friend completely changed my mind. He told me about his trip to the beach resort in Poovar and narrated it in such a beautiful way that I could already imagine the beautiful scenery of the virgin beaches of Kerala.

I didn’t want to waste a minute after that. I booked my stay with Estuary Island Resort at the speed of light as I was very excited for being privy to a fascinating experience. Reaching the Poovar Jetty seemed like a smooth affair with hardly any crowd in the Airport and on the roads as well. Time moved very slowly till I reached the sturdy Jetty. The fifteen minute boat ride had all the ingredients to make it a memorable one; be it the thumping of the diesel engine in the underbelly of the boat, the lovely backwaters and the serene surroundings.

At last I reached the resort and bid farewell to the boat man after exchanging a warm smile. This was certainly a Luxury Poovar Resort which was totally disconnected from the world. There was not a moment in which I could stop admiring the beauty of Estuary Island Resort. My luxurious room had a magnificent view of the pristine Arabian Sea. The Chef tantalized my taste buds and the associates made me feel comfortable all the time.

Trust me, I got my bang for every buck spent at this resort!!


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